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We believe in lives beyond the bend, because there is always a new experience awaiting us, an experience that prompts us to explore, stay curious and improve. We believe that nature rewards the bravest, those who are dying to see what lies behind the mountains or what awaits them after the next rapids. We're still feverish when we realize that what looked like the end is actually the beginning. We live for the moments that surprise us and bring us further, that upset us or that make us think. When we reach our destination and the expedition ends, we believe in finding a way to keep moving forward. Grab your paddles, bring your gear on board ... or just sit on the edge of the fire and get inspired. We are always on the lookout for new experiences and we know you do the same. These adventures are here to motivate you. So take a break from city life and reconnect with the world.

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ADVENTURE #02 | Yukon, Northwest Territory

ADVENTURE #02 | Yukon, Northwest Territory Six mates. Six rivers. 63 days. The goals of this epic canoe trip: to raise awareness about issues facing the Canadian North by showcasing it to the world...

ADVENTURE #1 | Lac Kipawa, Temiscaming, Québec

ADVENTURE #1 | Lac Kipawa, Temiscaming, Québec As we turned for home, we paused to watch a pair of bald eagles take flight, the balsam fir shuddering as they leapt into the cloud-whitened sky, win...

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